America is Tanking

There are only three TV shows I cared about in the last few years. Prison Break is a no-go now that it’s become Ocean’s 11 meets God Awful Mess. I don’t care how cute Wentworth Miller is–he can’t act his way out of a paper bag and without a script, that show’s the pits.

House, MD. Damn it. Bad enough they introduced all the new faces in that ridiculous recasting call. Now Wilson? We’re supposed to care about the new sidekick? The writers even try to put off complaints as the new sidekick makes fun of his role. Bleck.

Then, the ultimate slap. The Office. Jim and Pam get engaged in three seconds. I waited all these episodes for that? No emotional depth. And it looks like the writers may split them up again (hints of her liking her new life in NY too much) just to keep folks interested in that on and off again romance. Boooo.

Is this the best we can do, America? I can’t pick a presidential candidate, and now I can’t even pick a TV show. I guess I’ll have to pick up a few good books.


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