Win This Book! Talking to Jeff Rivera…

To win a copy of Jeff Rivera’s debut Warner release, Forever My Lady, just make a comment! I’ve read it, I loved it, and I think you may too. It’s not a traditional “romance,” but it’s a great book. I see a stint on Oprah in Jeff’s future…

How did you come up with the idea for Forever My Lady?
Well, it’s all inspired by true events not only things that happened in my life but in other people’s. Every single character in this book is based on someone I know or some aspect of myself. The story is about a kid, Dio who is discarded by his own mother and finds the one person who becomes his safeguard in his life, the love of his life, Jennifer. She’s the one constant in his life. She’s sticks with him even as a teen he ends up in prison boot camp and promises him she’ll never leave. But Dio finds out from a friend that she’s planning on marrying someone else.

What books influenced you growing up?I grew up reading Amelia Bedelia, hearing my teachers read us Summer of the Monkeys and Where the Red Fern Grows, and of course the Outsiders. Now, I’m a big fan of Nicholas Sparks and Michael Crichton.

How do you think being a male writing about love influenced your characters?That’s a good question. I think women are very interested in knowing how guys process love and they’d be surprised to know that guys have the very same feelings as them. We’re just conditioned to mask our feelings and display them in different ways.

How is your story different than other love stories out there?
I think because although it has the classic elements of a love story it also has the grit of the issues we deal with in every day life.

Where can my readers pick up a copy?
In bookstores everywhere, and my website.


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