Romances for smart people

Is that inflammatory? It’s my new tag. It does imply, doesn’t it, that there are romances for not-so-smart people. Morons. And that somehow, I’ve managed to rise above it all. It’s a really bad idea, huh?

I’m keeping it. Cause my editor says I’m smart. And she likes my books. I use big words sometimes, and I have characters like Isaac Newton (he was quite smart).

Or, do you think I should go for something more in keeping with the current state of my writing? Not great at finishing my WIP, still no agent, poor sales, slacked off for a year romance writer.


5 thoughts on “Romances for smart people

  1. Lucinda says:

    I like your new digs, and I don’t think the tag is inflammatory at all. I think it fits you very well.

  2. kerry says:

    I think it’s perfect. As for the writing…it’ll pick up. You have a gift, and are very talented. I know it’s discouraging but believe in yourself, because you’ve got what it takes to be successful.

  3. AERought says:

    Those that are smart will love it. Your editor is spot on, by the way–and I know she’s smart. 🙂 Keep the tagline.

  4. Lorri-Lynne Brown says:

    Keep it!

  5. anny cook says:

    I think too many people write “down”. I just write. And if I use too many big words or concepts, well… perhaps people will take the opportunity to learn something new.

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