You might have heard that the USA elected a new president. I can’t think of a single original thing to say about it, but I wanted to express my gratitude to have lived into an era where a man or woman of color could be elected. Obama was not my choice (I’m one of those fringe voters), but he is my president, and I hope and pray for wisdom, strength of character and purpose, and a hefty dose of luck for him.

The election filled me with pride, so much so that I did something I’ve wanted to for a while, but didn’t have courage. I drove into my local gas station, demanded to see the owner, who was actually there, and pointed to his ratty, tattered American flag. I asked him if he had enough money to buy a new one, because I’d be happy to provide him with one. When saucer eyes realized I wasn’t about to knife him, he said he’d take care of it. He backed up a step when I asked if he knew that he was supposed to lower it in the evening and hoist it up in the morning, and he shook his head no and then yes.

I’ll be watching, Al. You have a week.


5 thoughts on “44

  1. Lorri-Lynne Brown says:

    Good for you!

    Poor Al probably was close to having appoplexy, but if you are going to fly a flag, than do it properly.

  2. Seeley deBorn says:

    you moved!

    I love the Collapsing Universe title.

  3. Lucinda says:

    People who don’t take their flags down when it rains bother me. I hate to see flags left out until they end up tattered and worn out.

  4. anny cook says:

    Excellent! I’m so glad that you did that! Please let us know what happens.

  5. Tuscan Capo says:

    He wasn’t my choice either, but as he is our President Elect the man’s got my moral support.

    Very cool, I wish more people cared this much about the flag. My great-uncle used to keep his up day and night, but there was a reason. He’d been struck down with his company on the battlefield (I believe it was France) and several of his buddies had been killed. He told us the little company flag was his only companion all night until the medics arrived. He said it had given him hope when everything around him seemed hopeless. When he got home he bought a one to set up on the front porch. He just wanted to be able to look out at it waving under the stars like it had that night, so he never took it down after sunset. We couldn’t fault him for that.

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