Huh? You WANT an ebook?

Crunch. My universe collapsed a bit more today. I was packing up a print copy of Key West Magic in a totally fangeek move (sending it to the Ghost Hunters cause they’re mentioned in it–TAPS–if you don’t get it, then you just don’t get it). Anywho, packing up the book and a colleague looked at it and said “That looks like something I might read.”

She seemed a bit lukewarm. I was thinking “Don’t do me any favors” while I smiled and told her where she could stuff it, I mean buy it. What she said next…

“It’s not out as an ebook, is it? I really don’t buy paper anymore.”

Thud. My head hit the desk and I got sticky note impressions on my cheek and the room spun…they called 911 …

“Why yes, all of my books are available electronically. Why don’t you take a look at my website?” We sat and surfed and laughed and I pretended this was normal.

This was the first time I didn’t get the reverse question, and epubbed authors, you all know what that one is. The one that makes your jaw tighten and your palms ball up into fists of fury. I can’t even get myself to say it.

Change is in the air. We changed presidents (sort of..not yet), went on daylight savings time (or off of it, I’m not sure), and now this…

Crunch. The universe gets a hair smaller.


4 thoughts on “Huh? You WANT an ebook?

  1. anny cook says:

    Wasn’t that the most wonderful thing that’s happened lately? I went to a new doctor yesterday. While waiting in the room for the doctor to show up, the nurse assistant came in, saw my Sony reader and said, “Oh wow! You have a digital reader! How do you like it?”

    Anyway in the conversation I mentioned that I wrote and she asked me about my books. When I mentioned Ellora’s Cave she jumped up and zipped out of the room. Pretty soon I had a gaggle of women asking for autographs. Seems that they’re all e-readers. Boy was that surreal! So I understan exactly what you’re talking about!

  2. ciarcullen says:

    Anny, asking for autographs. Now that…that just made the universe crunch more. It makes my stomach giggle to think about you signing like that. Coolness.

  3. L2 says:


    There are more and more of us all the time – despite those who will never touch an ebook, I continue to believe that ebooks are here to stay.

  4. If someone said that to me I would go dizzy with happiness. Yay for Ciar!

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