Ghost Hunters: Calling all Skeptics

Whether you are a TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society)/SciFi Channel’s Ghost Hunters TV show geek like me, or have never seen the show, you probably have an opinion about ghosts. They exist or they don’t. Or perhaps they do, you aren’t sure.

My husband and I have watched Ghost Hunters for about as long as it’s been on. There are a lot of boring shows–that’s because they didn’t catch evidence of the paranormal. Sometimes there are stunning moments–so-called EVPs–catching a voice.

They recently did a 7-hour live show for Halloween, and are evidently getting a lot of crap for faking some evidence. For me, that would be like learning Santa doesn’t exist all over again.

But wait. That must mean I DO believe in spirits, I DO believe in spirits. Do you? Are there real psychics? Are there ghosts? Have you seen one?

I’ve written a number of “paranormal” romances, one a real ghost story (Key West Magic) without questioning my own beliefs. With my mom recently deceased, my belief (or lack thereof) in an afterlife has been on my mind.

After all, that’s what hunting for ghosts is about. That something exists after this mortal shell is left to rot. That makes fraud a terrible thing to me. I don’t believe Jay and Grant are frauds.

Many years ago my grandmother wanted desperately to speak to the departed, and was bilked out of a lot of money in a seance. That is a terrible, terrible crime in my opinion.

Is it a scam? Entertainment? The real deal? Or just the hope of those who want to believe?


3 thoughts on “Ghost Hunters: Calling all Skeptics

  1. SM says:

    Hi Ciar.
    Ghostly Fraud is indeed a terrible thing. My opinion on the whole deal is that Ghosts do exist. Perhaps not in the form of floating sheets and such, but if nothing else, then simply ENERGY. I believe that there really are those who can communicate with these entities. We all can, if we are open to it. Alas, I could go on and on…..perhaps one day we will discuss it over tea……

  2. ciarcullen says:

    That tea is so overdue, it’s probably solidified. Miss you.

  3. anny cook says:

    The belief in ghosts–I prefer to think of them as spirits–is ancient. From the earliest times, people have believed in them.

    Where I have trouble is when someone uses that belief to exploit another person. In the Victorian times when public belief in the paranormal was so prevalent, I think there was a great deal of exploitation taking place… which may be why it’s seen now as just a bit sleazy. Bad experiences = long memories, don’t they?

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