Things, wonderful things–Steampunk watch parts


Paraphrasing Howard Carter (as he opened King Tut’s tomb).

I mentioned steampunk jewelry to one of my department’s researchers. He said his garage is basically full of boxes of watch parts. Did I want them? I told him that people make Steampunk jewelry, and even showed him on Ebay what these things go for. He’s not interested. Wants to unload them (to make room for the sealed safe he bought on Ebay–yep, okay).

So, I’ll be in the watch part business shortly, because I cannot stand to think of these things sleeping any longer. I know many of you make steampunk jewelry. I may do Etsy, I may just do it from here. I will give away lots once in a while to deserving steampunk artists who are struggling to afford supplies.

This will mean something to so few, but to those few–how hard do I rock now?


15 thoughts on “Things, wonderful things–Steampunk watch parts

  1. How cool! I’m begging dh to give me a steampunk-themed heart locket for Christmas – jewelry I found on Etsy. I’m so glad the world has more parts for more lovely jewelry.

  2. Rob Graham says:

    That is very, very cool, Ciar. 😀

  3. Seeley deBorn says:

    I love it!

    I’ve always been fond of heavy metal.

  4. Charlotte McClain says:

    What a fantastic find! Lucky you.

  5. eden bradley says:

    Ooh-you totally rock, Ciar! You must let the Smutketeers know when you start making jewelry-we lovvvve Steampunk!

  6. gwen hayes says:

    I bet your CP is happy to hear this news.

  7. ciarcullen says:

    The smutkeepers will be informed, of course, as well as my CP, who for some reason will not out herself as such.

    Actually, I am too busy to make any jewelry now, and am selling all my findings, beads, and crates of watchparts! So bargain hunters, stay tuned!

  8. Lorri-Lynne Brown says:

    Oh what a great find!

    Have fun whatever you do with it!

  9. Stella Price says:

    WOOO! thats freaking awesome. Ill be a frequent buyer, of that you can be sure! LOL! *not to mention Im sure I can do some pieces for you to wear about!*


  10. Kristen says:

    Wow. That’s ALOTTA watch parts. lol

  11. Angela James says:

    I am incredibly, incredibly jealous of the people who have the talent to use those parts. I only wish I could create something like that. I was just drooling over some jewelry on an amazing Etsy store yesterday.

  12. ciarcullen says:

    I’ll be giving some away! And Angie, I’m also selling all my beads and findings because when I look at those Etsy shops, and then glance at my own jewelry…well, it’s just not right. So off to the more talented they will go, one lot at a time.
    Yes, that woman’s stuff is amazing. But hey, you can make cute lounge pants and I can’t do that either.

  13. Dara England says:

    Cool. I’m not a jewelry maker myself (not creative enough), but I like the look of anything old fashioned. For whatever reason watch parts make me think antique, 19th century.

  14. Pam P says:

    Neat, I have some odd handcrafted jewelry from years ago, now I can tell them it’s steampunk, lol.

  15. The strange things a search can bring you…
    Good morning (here) Ciar. I was poking around the net and did a search sort of looking to see if there were any other steampunk-writer-jewelry makers and ran across this post. wow! great find. Let me know at the above email address if you start selling the stuff you aren’t going to use.

    anyway, I don’t write much fantasy, but a smattering of short SF/horror stories. Its nice to know I’m not quite alone in my multiple hobbies.

    I keep a rarely updated blog at:

    drop me a note sometime.
    tis very nice to meet you!

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