Meh. Twilight. Meh.


So you heard that “meh” has entered the dictionary. I’m happy about that, because I have occasion to use it today. Meh. Edward Cullen. I’m a Cullen, damn it, and let me tell you, I have ancestors that would make a vampire whither or melt with one glance. Especially such a meh one as this.

Maybe I’m just jealous of Stephanie Meyers, huh? Okay, so I haven’t read the book that’s on my nightstand yet. I’m convinced that since The Vampire Lestat (just that one, mind you, not the other books), I could never ever love another vampire. Especially at age 51.5. Not that I wouldn’t, you know? I’m not dead. Or undead.

It’s a weird feeling, to finally get up one morning and look around and not care about crushy young things. I could lay down my life for Hayden, how silly is that? Or would a few years ago. But this fella? Bah. And the pouty lipped heroine?

So, should I read Twilight? Or should I skip it and see the movie? Or should I take in both? I’ll do whatever the majority here tells me to do. Seriously.


4 thoughts on “Meh. Twilight. Meh.

  1. Fionn Jameson says:

    Ugh, save yourself the trouble and just trash the book or toss it into a compost heap. Maybe you can take in the movie, but personally I found SM’s Twilight and the subsequent 4 books to be a complete bore. Edward is creepy, Bella is so Mary-Sue and I still can’t get over the “Sparkly Vampires!” thing.

  2. Candice says:

    Give it a try, it is a YA so it may not have the same spice as Lestat. I really liked the series, I did not however like what seems to be the majority of the fan base, young girls who think Edward is their boyfriend and scream and cry when they met the actors and how dare people not like, blah blah blah. The book series itself is a great read and I think you may like it. Hey what’s the harm, you already have the book, you may as well read it.

  3. ciarcullen says:

    Well, this is a dead heat. I need a tie-breaker.

  4. I liked Twilight and stayed up late three nights in a row to finish it. I had to go out immediately to buy New Moon.

    I haven’t even started New Moon yet and don’t have a pressing desire to do so.

    My verdict on Twilight: it’s not the end of the world if you don’t read it, but it’s entertaining if you do.

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