Who’s Running This Internet Anyway?

Want to get some writing or reading done? I mean, this is your life ticking away… Then what the hell are you doing reading this?
I’ve found lately that some family issues have put the “Oh noooos!” of the Internet Romance Reading Community, or IRRC, waaaay at the bottom of my priority list, and as a result, I’m writing more words per day. I’ve addressed this a few times over the past four years, but I thought January might be a good time (for myself, and you if you happen to be wasting your time here) to recap. In the IRRC, most posts and flame wars can be categorized as the same old topics:
1. What is Ellora’s Cave doing wrong now?
2. What another epublisher is doing wrong now?
3. How dire things are for publishing (serious business, I’m not making fun of that–people are losing their jobs).
4. How epublished authors are victims (or not) of the world. So what if someone still likes print books? They haven’t called you pond scum, no matter how much you’d like to believe it. It’s you doing that to yourself.
5. How writers of m/m or some genre don’t get the x,w,z they deserve.
6. And whatever will happen at the forthcoming conferences.
7. Oh, and something about RWA. Whatever that will be.

If you’re looking for a publisher, you’re going to have to sail through a lot of flotsam and jetsam in the IRRC to stay on course. The best thing you can do, in my humble opinion, is to buy books from publishers who seem to produce books you like. If you like Samhain books, for example, then by all means, write a Samhain author (or twenty) and find out why they love that company. Or Loose ID, where I also had great experiences. If authors are afraid to talk about their publishing company (I mean, more than one), something is probably amiss. If you were job hunting in the real world, thinking of working at ACME Soap Products, you wouldn’t hesitate to ask your friend who works at that company how they like it, right? But you’d take into consideration whether they just got promoted or demoted.

There are only a few types of active folks in the IRRC, and it helps to know the type you’re dealing with:
1. The know it all, who really does know it all, and presents calm, valuable input. I’d site Emily Veinglory as a prime example of this type.
2. The know it all who knows a bit, usually pops in when least expected, and likes to use phrases like “nuff said” to close a topic. Just lay low when you see one of these.
3. The self-effacing know it all (like me), who really doesn’t know much but gives it a shot and sometimes steps in it. Ignore them, they’re pretty harmless.
4. The troll, thriving on controversy, out to slash and burn, looking for a fight. There’s no beating a troll. Just look away.
5. Mrs. Giggles. Do not accept imitators.
6. Nora Roberts. She says what she thinks, and you can think what you want. But you might be wise to listen, because it’s worked for her.

Did I miss a topic or a member type?


2 thoughts on “Who’s Running This Internet Anyway?

  1. Lucinda says:

    You know, I’ve been forced by this financial crisis to give up my cable modem and revert back to the old, cheap dial up service. I can’t do nearly as much or spend as much time as I used to online. I’m finding that I might be better off as a result.

  2. laughingwolf says:

    ummm… yeah, i spend far too much time online 😦

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