No Print Books for Me

Odd, in that I’m preparing for a book signing in Princeton. In that nothing excites me more than getting a box from Samhain with copies of my new release in print. That seeing your book in a bookstore–if you can find a bookstore besides B&N is simply… well, you get all that. And that my previous blog entry is about winning a print book…

I was lugging my groceries around yesterday in those tree-hugging bags–damn, you can pack too much in them. Moose and I stopped in Target for some odds and ends and I walked down the book isle. And the most amazing thing came out of my mouth: Nah, I’ll get it electronically. Huh?

Moose asked if that wasn’t bad for publishing. Well, at Dear Author, there’s a very interesting discussion about epublishing. I have no idea if it’s bad for publishing, and it occurred to me that as a consumer, it’s their job to get it right.

I worked in publishing for about two decades. I know how quickly things can change (like info. you used to sell in print suddenly available free to anyone with a computer). We’re in the middle of so many technology revolutions.

I’m older than the average romance reader, but I fit the other stats pretty nicely. I’ve put “please don’t print this email” on my missives at work. Why would I buy paper when I can be environmentally friendly? Why would I pay twice as much for a book in this economy? Because the “print” books out of New York are better?

Nonsense. Sure, I am not into shapeshifting Hawaiian shark gods–the stuff that some epub companies crank out. Oh, wait, I wrote one of those and it was a great seller and got great reviews.

I’m about to write a review on a book that will be available shortly electronically, and it’s every bit as good as the paper books I’ve bought in the last few years.

So, a belated New Year’s resolution. I have a few old tomes that have been kicking around the family for years. They will stay on my shelf. But I’m done. No print books for me. Unless publishing really screws this one up, as some at Dear Author seem to predict they might. I think it’s just growing pains.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “No Print Books for Me

  1. Sue says:

    I think you are right…once they get an affordable e-reader out there! The rest is right on track with the whole “save the earth” campaign.

  2. Mary Gustafson says:

    I kept running out of book shelf space, so a couple of years ago i invested in a couple of e-readers. Very handy when you have to wait in line (like that never happens LOL). Love my readers.
    What bothers me is last year in a discussion group I found out that e sales do not count toward best seller. Bummer, I like taking 90 books w/me on the plane. But recently Fictionwise and other companies have begun selling the “hardback releases” or first out, for the full hardback price. There seems to be a disconnect here.
    What do you think?

  3. Lucinda says:

    I think the Amazon Kindle books are selling really well. I know mine are. I’ve sold 10 copies in Kindle format in the past 2 months and that’s for a 3-year-old self-published book! I had a 4-digit sales rank the other day and nearly fainted. I’ve never had a 4-digit sales rank on Amazon.
    I don’t think, though, that print books will go out-of-style for a while yet. I think our generation is going to have to pass away before that happens, because I know a lot of people who swear they’ll never give up their prints books.

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