Ciar Recommends: Venus in Blue Jeans (win a few Sambucks!)

987Venus in Blue Jeans by Meg Benjamin is up this week for your consideration. Here’s the official blurb:
A guy. A girl. A Chihuahua. Two of them will find the love of their lives. Coming off a broken engagement to a lying charmer, all bookstore owner Docia Kent wants is a fling, not a long-term romance. And for her fabulously wealthy and fabulously nosy parents to butt out of her life for a while. The Texas Hill Country town of Konigsburg looks like the perfect place to get both. Especially when she gets a look at long, tall country vet Cal Toleffson.
Cal has other plans for Docia. One glance at the six-foot version of Botticelli’s Venus, and he knows he’s looking at the woman of his dreams. Now if he can just fend off the eccentric characters of Konigsburg long enough to convince her romance isn’t such a bad idea. One night of mind-blowing sex isn’t the only thing that leaves them both stunned. With Docia’s bookstore under attack, Konigsburg suddenly doesn’t seem so welcoming. Once again she finds her trust tested—and is left wondering if she was ever meant to have a happily ever, after all.

Last week rodeo, this week Texas. I know a little more about Texas than I do rodeo, but not much more. It’s big, I can identify the flag. And I think there are cattle. I never would have pictured a little town like Konigsburg in the Hill Country, whatever that is, a cute bookstore, a cuter hero, and a kind of Mayberry cast of characters. In fact, now that I mention Mayberry, I realize one of the really charming things about this book–it could have taken place just about any time in the 20th century, and almost has a retro romance feel to it.

Meg’s characters Docia and Cal are wonderful. (And I don’t even like hairy chests.) She runs a bookshop (got to love that), he is the vet (got to love that). They have likeable pals, likeable pets (that chihuahua isn’t all that sad, at least not towards the end), and even a likeable pseudo-villain (more a caricature of a villain). The real villain isn’t even all that villainous, until a final heinous act.

I want to move to Konigsburg and take my cat to the vet and eat at the restaurants there and maybe get a part-time job in the bookstore. That’s how much fun this town is. Meg’s dialog is fantastic, and it makes the book fly by. There’s a lot of believable, wonderful sex tied to believable wonderful falling in love. Old school contemporary romance with modern lingo and hot sex.

Just when you think the plot is going nowhere, it goes somewhere quickly–and then takes a different turn! I really liked the element of surprise.

I thought maybe the book could have been a hair shorter, the main characters a bit more three-dimensional, but those two things aside–this is a fantastic, sexy, warm, curl up with your cat on your lap, read. I will absolutely pick up another book by Meg Benjamin! And I wouldn’t mind if it takes place in Konigsburg (hint hint). Loved this book.

If you make a comment before next week’s review, I’ll enter to you to win $3 Samhain dollars towards the purchase of this book.


3 thoughts on “Ciar Recommends: Venus in Blue Jeans (win a few Sambucks!)

  1. Natasha A. says:

    I have been looking at this book. Thanks for the review!

  2. MJ says:

    I live just south of the Hill Country, so this book definitely appeals.

  3. Val Pearson says:

    Wow, that book looks GOOOOOOOD! I love books that are about the country! I live in SC so I am kind of a country girl

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