Outside my window at House’s hospital.

Since my workplace doubles as the “Princeton/Plainsboro Teaching Hospital” on the show House, I always look for my office in the opening credits. It’s a campus, not a hospital, and it’s very busy outside. In five minutes, this is as quickly as I could type what I saw. I have no reason for doing this. I don’t expect anyone to care. I’m simply taking advantage of the fact that no one visits me to witness my weirdness.

Girl in spring dress, bare legs, and dressy flats. It’s 61, but that’s uncalled for.
Boy (geeky) looking at his cell phone. I don’t think anyone called.
Bald guy talking on his cell phone.
Cute dude with a back-pack on a skateboard. Looks like something out of a J. Crew ad.
Eurotrashy guy waving to a friend. Black pants, black sweater, distressed leather shoulder bag.
Another geek eating a cookie, going to our next building.
Guy eating cookie, hipster doofus.
Black squirrel on my windowsill, goes away. Not sure where he’s headed.
Another girl eating cookie (it’s cookie time). Very normal looking. She’ll never need therapy.
Well-heeled European stylin in his dress pants and crisp shirt. Handsome, gay, arrogant.
Dude in workout gear listening to his iPod, sucking on a lolly pop. He’s probably going to a team practice. Too small for football. Hmnn.
Secretary in jeans, going home (a little early?), carrying a FedEx box she’ll drop in the bin on her way to the parking lot. She looks like her feet hurt in her cool shoes.
A black guy! My first sighting this afternoon. Backpack, campus t-shirt, and jeans. Normal.
Cute grad student with a body I never dreamed of having. Hates her.
Bike whizzing by.
Second black dude sighting! He’s cute, very clean looking sneakers.
Cute couple, Asian guy in workout gear getting on his bike, chatting up a cute science girl.
Hipster doofus guy comes back.
Black squirrel came back.
Russian lab manager going home (she’s leaving early too!).
Annoying colleague enters my office. Time to stop.


7 thoughts on “Outside my window at House’s hospital.

  1. Natasha A. says:

    Can I just say how awesome it is that you work there! Do you ever see any of the cast???

  2. Natasha A. says:

    OH, I am guessing they just use screen shots of the outside huh?
    Dur…lol…I can be a little slow ok? lol
    Still awesome

  3. ciarcullen says:

    LOL oh no, if they actually filmed here, I would certainly never get a thing done. It’s hard as it is, just imagining!!! All they do is fly over in helicopters every season and get new exterior shots. They circle and circle all day, pretty funny.

    They did, however, get some details down really well. When they scouted the location, they did things like pick up a bag from a local record store and have someone hold it in an elevator…stuff like that. It’s funny what gives something a local flavor even if you aren’t from a locale.

    The weirdest thing is that they are actually now building a Princeton/Plainsboro hospital, a new one. I wonder who will be on staff? Sigh.

  4. Sue says:

    I don’t know why, but now I want a cookie 😉

  5. Lorri-Lynne Brown says:

    Fun – all I ever get is the Canadian Geese trying to get in the door.

  6. anny cook says:

    Hmmm. I have squirrels and windchimes. Live at the back of the apartment building facing a bunch of bare trees. Your locale is much more interesting!

  7. laughingwolf says:

    llb, that’s CANADA geese! 😛 lol

    don’t you just hate annoying colleagues, ciar? 😉

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