Enough with the review talk!

Wow, everywhere I go these days (via the interwebs), all I see are reviewers talking about their reviewing angst, authors talking about reviewer angst. I expect to see fictional character chats discussing their reviews soon.

The romance reviewing community seems to be taking itself awfully seriously these days. Come on, now. You’re reading free books and getting something out of your blogging. You believe yourself to be doing a service to readers. I think. Just write the freaking review and let it speak for itself. There are links to discussions about blogs about threads about reviews. Mrs. Giggles openly wondering if she should review a book by a person who we must not name.

Is there nothing else going on? Publishing houses are tanking, the Dow (as I look right now) is falling to 7500, people wondering how they’re going to buy food, much less books. Or for that matter…ebook readers. The other topic that’s timely, but crickey–overkill! Yep, there’s a technological revolution going on. We gots it. It’s time to buy an ebook reader. I think I’ll continue to read on my computer, because I have to save money for books, so I can review them. And talk about it.

Oh, and agents. “Times are tough, I am having trouble selling anything, but here are a thousand things not to do when submitting to me.” Huh? If you’re a writer, are you killing yourself right now trying to find an agent? Especially when they say stuff like that?

So what’s going on in your world? I’m saving time by not visiting my usual haunts. I don’t need to read any more reviews of reviews.

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5 thoughts on “Enough with the review talk!

  1. Chuck says:

    Now that the publishing world has collapsed along with mortgage banks and announced that advances are essentially a thing of the past (O bygone glories!), not only is it not worth an agent’s time to secure contracts for unknown authors, it’s not worth the fifteen percent commission of my royalty dime to pay him or her.

    The very people the agent maintains contacts with are the people who distrust new and unknown authors in the first place.

    I still enjoy paying for a good read. I’m not so sure I believe in an individual who doesn’t believe in me as a talent versus a potential commodity.


  2. Chuck says:

    Non-fiction, as always, is the exception.

  3. anny cook says:

    Ahhhh. Been saying that about reviews for a while now. Thanks for the post! For a while there I thought I was out crying in the wilderness.

  4. Debby says:

    Thanks too for the post. Who cares what the reviews say. They are one person’s opinion and many people disagree.

  5. laughingwolf says:

    opinions are like assholes, everybody has at least one 😦

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