Is my reader a steampunk guy?


Do you write with a certain type of reader in mind? Women who read the bestselling romance writers? Everyone, cause you’re writing a bestseller?

Do you alter your work to make it more generally palatable to the buying audience? I faced this last night as I realized I hadn’t really gotten to the romance part of my WIP yet, and I’m well into the story. Sure, we know who the hero and heroine are, but there is no certainty at this point that it’s even a romance. Hell, I have no idea what’s going to happen, as my characters guide me. I’m fairly certain they’ll end up together, as I like happy endings, but the ending of this one will be just a beginning.

And so, once again, I find myself actually writing a fantasy. Or, a fantasy/scifi steampunk romance whatnot. Now, who the hell will want to read something like this, let alone buy it?

And then I think of the usual suspects who have drifted in and out of my life since I’ve been writing. My new crit partner, Wendy. She likes it. My old pal Diane Charles Linford (Chuck)–he’d probably like this. A chick named Seeley who is rather boyish in her attitude. Maybe Rob. And a handle of other folks.

The thing is, I’m coming to accept that I very much like writing from the male point-of-view, I like things with a somewhat harder edge, and I don’t know who I’m writing for. So I continue to write for myself, in hopes that I’ll find my niche.

When you picture your reader, whom do you see?


3 thoughts on “Is my reader a steampunk guy?

  1. anny cook says:

    I write what I enjoy reading. And the rest of it is gravy.

  2. laughingwolf says:

    i write for me, too… even though i get the odd fan, now and then 🙂

  3. Chuck says:

    I’m a pushover for your writing, Ciar. I love everything you write.

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