The author as reviewer

Project: Fail. I offered to review books of colleagues with the intent of posting a review every Tuesday. The project is off, and I have deleted remaining files from my computer. Reasons? Any of the following:
1. Getting nasty emails about not putting the reviews up quickly enough. (Hey, it was a favor, called promotion.) 2. Getting nasty emails when I wasn’t crazy about the book (even though I said up front I wouldn’t post a review in that case–all my reviews being recommendations). 3. Being told that I was only reviewing titles from my own publisher (I hadn’t bothered even looking at the publisher). 4. Being sent books I didn’t ask for. 5. All of the above.

So, sorry. I tried. In the future, if I read something and love it, I’ll just post a review, according to my schedule, as is my prerogative.

Note to other authors: caveat lector.


9 thoughts on “The author as reviewer

  1. Nell Dixon says:

    Hugs, Ciar, I’m so sorry people were so rude. I always enjoy reading your reviews as I find them very balanced and free from some of the snark that some other sites seem to enjoy.

  2. ciarcullen says:

    Hey Nell,
    Thanks for the nice words. I’ll keep it up, just at my own pace and picking books on my own!

  3. BevBB says:

    Heh, you just listed most of the big reasons, well, except for actually being an author, that I refuse to review. I guess the biggest for me, though, is simply that I don’t want to ruin the reading process for myself.

    And I think we’re a little bit too obsessed with the entire concept of “reviews” online but that’s a whole other discussion.

  4. Chuck says:

    {{{Big Hug}}} You don’t need any extra crap in your life right now. People forget that a person needs a minimum of eighteen months to even begin to function “normally” after the loss (and near loss) of a loved one.

    I was lucky all those months ago to have you tactfully point out to me what I did right and what I did that was less than successful on my published novel and I’ve never forgotten your kindness.

    Nell’s right. Go on your own schedule.

  5. ciarcullen says:

    Hey Bev, you’re right about the pleasure quotient, I think. I hate reading with a pen in my hand for notes :o)
    And Chuck, you’re just the sweetest guy on the planet. It’s a half-year tomorrow that Mom’s been gone. Sigh.

  6. I recommend peers on my own time but have let it be known that I leave the reviewing up to folks like Dear Author and the Smart Bitches. We authors definitely walk a slippery slope when it comes to reviewing one another, and I guess not everyone understands or appreciates that.

  7. Never fails when you try to do something nice!
    You just do your own thing 🙂

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  9. anny cook says:

    Been there, bought the tee-shirt, and gave it away. If I really enjoy a book, I mention it. But reviewing sucks hairy eyeballs. All of your reasons apply.

    Go back to reading for enjoyment and if something lights your fires, let us know.

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