What’s selling?

I thought this post by Angie James was interesting about what sells well at Samhain specifically, and perhaps can be extrapolated to epublishing/small press publishing generally.

In light of the recent Amazon filtering-out-stuff debaucle, it kind of leaves me wondering (again again again) what the future of electronic publishing will bring? More big publishing houses producing digital product, but big vendors like Amazon going through a real angsty time over carrying the product.

One thought on “What’s selling?

  1. Lucinda says:

    Oh, shoot. That doesn’t bode well for my contemporary romantic suspense. I guess I’d better sit down and try to come up with an erotic story about shapeshifting vampires—under an assumed name, of course. But since my life is governed by Murphy’s Law, by the time I finish writing it, that genre will be passe and something entirely different will be the big sellers.

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