God help me

Writing–if you didn’t start out odd, you will be by the time you finish a book. If someone told me years ago that I’d be 1) no longer an archaeologist 2) living in New Jersey 3) divorced and remarried 4) working as a bureaucrat and 5) writing romances… Not.

Now that I write, I’m not easily surprised by the things I do. Search the internet for snappy shoes? A lovely vacation spot? Nope. Looking for plans for a dirigible on my lunch hour. Because my characters are going to Egypt in one. Hell.
SS Dreadnaughtsteampunk_dirigible_ii_by_diarment


2 thoughts on “God help me

  1. To Egypt in a dirigible?! NICE!

  2. SM says:

    hmmm….so what does that say about those of us who aren’t writers per se, but still do those odd sorts of searches?
    Okay, so I WANT to be a writer. Maybe that’s it. Maybe I’m just weird?
    How the heck are you, anyway?

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