Fantasy? Romance? Urban whatnot?


What’s your genre? Simple question, and if you write, you should be able to answer it. So, help me. Tell me the differences between a romantic fantasy, an urban fantasy, a fantasy romance, an urban fantasy romance?

Cause, there are two type of agents, editors, and bookshelves. Those who want fantasy and those who want romance. And you gots to know which you’re writing. What are your definitions???


3 thoughts on “Fantasy? Romance? Urban whatnot?

  1. Karin says:

    Sometimes romance is a fantasy – other times it’s real.

  2. Carol says:

    I’m game to take a crack at it.
    Romantic Fantasy: where someone dreams of the romantic elements to a relationship
    Urban Fantasy: where fantasy elements touch on the everyday world, does not necessarily have romantic elements (my favorite author, Charles de Lint, is a master of this)
    Fantasy Romance: Where your fantasies of romance are fulfilled.
    Urban Fantasy Romance: an urban fantasy with the romance included.
    I think the big difference is that the first two do not always have a HEA, while the last two do.

  3. laughingwolf says:

    dunno… i’m into horror/fantasy 😉

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