Missing my characters

Oh my, I’ve a bit of post partum whatnot. I wrote and revised and fell into my characters’ world, and now I can’t get out. Has that ever happened to you? I miss my characters. Things were just heating up as I ended my Steampunk Romance (name withheld for a very paranoid reason). The guys and gals were on their way West, with important developments and thrilling adventures around each corner.

I’ve never encountered this, but I think I need to start working on the next book in the series immediately. Because I want to. Yikes! I haven’t sold the first book yet. Perhaps I’ve been mesmerized by Miss Annalise Pettigrew, psychic and prognosticator, or hypnotized by Jasper Corwin aka Screw, magician to royalty. Or maybe I belong in the Jersey asylum with Dr. House.

2 thoughts on “Missing my characters

  1. PG Forte says:

    I think that’s the main reason I write series–I’m not always ready to say good-bye to the characters when the book ends.

  2. Lucinda says:

    Oh, you changed your page design again. It looks great.
    I’ve had a couple of books where I really like my characters and became attached to them, but sooner or later you have to let go.

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