Praise for The Prince’s Bride

Is it okay to google yourself? When you find cool stuff like this it is!
Teresa at Fallen Angel reviews liked The Prince’s Bride and said “Ms. Cullen has created a fun and intricate story based in earlier times of knights and quests with an interesting story line. From the beginning, I empathized with Rita’s plight; basically homeless, without a means of support. I thought her disbelief when she realized what the job was, after basically being given the once over, was hysterical. Geoffrey is the most unlikely knight I have ever met. His voracious sexual appetite and his almost pious belief in his quest are an unlikely combination. The love between Rita and Geoffrey is beautiful and unexpected. Thanks go to Ms. Cullen for a great read.”

And my pal Valerie at Love Romances had this to say “It’s been awhile since I’ve read something from this clever author and I was so pleased to be able to review this title. Ciar Cullen still has her unique style. A little tongue-in-cheek, a little comedy and a dose of good advice make her stories enjoyable to read and get you thinking. I loved her characters in this story, the premise, the adventure and witty dialogue. Ciar Cullen manages to mix up all these ingredients and cook up a story that is worthy of reading again. I had a big grin on my face while reading this story, I love her sense of humor. The love scenes are not bad either, in fact, they are rather hot! It’s also nice to read how a woman who is on the plumper side gets the handsome man. One who loves and appreciates her and her curves. So, those of you who love your fantasy with a good sprinkle of humor and fun, pick this one up and enjoy!”


2 thoughts on “Praise for The Prince’s Bride

  1. L2 says:


    I remember when this was just a glimmer, and you teased us with a snippet. I’m so glad it came to fruition.

    I hope to get my copy soon.

  2. Monica says:

    I’ve been on a computer reader tear. I just went and ordered it!

    I want an e-book reader SO bad.

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