I’m Looking for a Hero Who Won’t Put Baby in the Corner

Man, what a mess. I can barely bring myself to watch TV these days. Everyone throws a hissy fit now and then, but Venus, Venus, what’s up with that? And Kanye was purportedly called a “jackass” by the President. I don’t like Kanye’s music, but there’s no getting around that Venus is one of the most talented female athletes ever.

I used to think I could separate what authors do (rant online, act like idiots) from what they write. I’m not so sure anymore. I don’t care about someone’s political views, but if they pulled the equivalent Venus/Kanye moves, I’d boycott their works. I’ve heard of writers behaving very, very badly at conferences, out of jealousy, alchohol induced idiocy, or whatever.

So who’s your hero? Everyday or big star? Athlete or writer? Today I’d say Patrick Swaze for showing up and working hard, despite his horrific illness.

And I love Derek Jeter for showing up without being an asshole. Born to do what he does, and he seems to love it and not take it for granted. I’m looking for heroes everywhere now. We need more of them. And we need to stop pandering to entertainment’s standard for acceptable behavior. Venus should have been tossed for the season. Kanye should have been tossed off Leno. I didn’t watch because he was on.

Who’s your hero?jeter_derek_mw_530_0911


3 thoughts on “I’m Looking for a Hero Who Won’t Put Baby in the Corner

  1. L2 says:

    Swayze is a good choice. He stayed positive to the end.

    Michael Fox is another who deserves kudos for staying focused on the important things in the face of adversity.

  2. anny cook says:

    The everyday heroes who keep trucking through thick and thin, bad knees, crappy jobs, absent spouses, and life’s disappointments. They all have my undying admiration.

  3. Celebrity -wise: Mark Hamill.

    When he got his girlfriend pregnant, he married her. They have 3 adult children and are still married. He has worked very steadily, doing jobs that interest him and challenge him. He acts, does voice work, is a registered member of the British Stunt Association, has written and drawn a comic book and directed a movie. He stays out of the tabloids.

    Polymath and family man. That’s what I want to do.

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