It’s ALIVE!!! Yay!

Guess who’s coming to dinner—fangs and all?
Professor Nefertari Smith, daughter of the Fifth Satan, may have just met her match. And, evidently, he’s a stalker.
Though she takes great pains to hide her immortal “condition”, it didn’t stop intensely handsome DNA researcher Jasper Grayson from finding his way to her door. If Mr. Tall-dark-and-handsome learns of her demon heritage, he may expose her family to notoriety they can’t afford.
Jasper isn’t looking for a test subject. He’s looking for a life partner who can last more than a few paltry decades—an essential quality for a vampire’s mate. Tari’s genetic profile excites him in more ways than one. He just needs another sample of her DNA to be sure she is his match. And he knows a highly pleasurable way to get it.
One kiss, and suddenly the haze of lust makes it hard to remember the warning about vampires and other immortals. But soon the consequences of their union are all too clear. Tari’s immortality is draining away—along with her life.
The only way to save her is to face her father with the truth…and pray the Fifth Satan is in a good mood.
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