Lee Dewyze interviews Me!

Wow, Lee and I go way back, and it was great to catch up with him after his American Idol thing. I’m pretty happy for him. Here’s a transcript of our recent chat.
Lee: Wow, yeah, I’m like really happy. That’s all. Wow, like really happy. But I’ve missed your blog and all. Been super busy. But I’m like, man, happy.
Ciar: Sorry I’ve been out of touch. Congrats on the whole AI thing. I thought you did okay. But I don’t really watch that show. I hear it was the worst ever, but anyway, congrats. The chick–what’s her name–a total beotch, right?
Lee: Oh, totally. She hates me. But I’m really happy. So why haven’t you been around?
Ciar: I’ve been concentrating on stuff on the home front–health and work and stuff.
Lee: Like, you’re totally not happy? No books or agent or anything? Hey, did you vote for me?
Ciar: Um, the power was out for a few weeks so I couldn’t use the phone. So, yeah, I had an agent for like a month, but it didn’t go so well. But I published a few short stories under my real name. I’m still writing.
Lee: So what’s your next release?
Ciar: I have this book I wrote like a year ago, called Steamside Chronicles–I’m going to publish it myself on Amazon. It’s like a publishing experiment.
Lee: You mean, no one would publish it.
Ciar: You were off key a few times, to tell you the truth.
Lee: srsly? No one would take it? Not even one of those small publishers?
Ciar: That Casey dude was good looking. A bit vapid, but wow…
Lee: Like, you’re paying yourself to have a cover made and all?
Ciar: His guitar playing is better too. I mean, Chicago, seriously? Did you even know the words to their songs? Didn’t sound like it…
Lee: How will anyone know that your book is out there? I mean, what, you’ll sell like 3 copies–to your brothers?
Ciar: I have a following. Not sure this is what they’d expect from me, but…Anyway, I’ll post the cover and link when I have them.
Lee: Wow. Okay, well tell your husband hi and thanks, I’m really happy and all.
Ciar: Right. You’re happy.
Lee: kthx


One thought on “Lee Dewyze interviews Me!

  1. anny cook says:

    I’m waiting. Tapping toe impatiently. You’ll let me know, right? Right?

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