End of Summer Blues

Actually, I’m not blue because it’s the end of the summer, because this is the summer that never was. I really don’t understand where the last three months went. I’ve done a little writing, a little editing, some short trips. Mostly we’ve ducked into the shade out of the hottest summer I remember on the East Coast. I’ve fallen into the Internet too much and I am having trouble getting out. I think a few days away will help my attitude and sanity.

Because, my friends, people are crazy. Especially people on Facebook. Yes, you nod wisely, you knew this already. I have somehow managed to attract every wacko not strapped down, and I’ve been inundated with threats, pleas, cyber-stalking, and all sorts of crap. Never mind why. Let’s just say lesson learned.

Finally, going to visit my brother and stepdad, and for the first time since she died, my mom’s grave. I have to do this. And it will be okay. My head hurts from being on the computer too much, my heart hurts for no reason I can quite identify, and it’s time for some fresh air.

I hope your summer was spectacular. I’ll be back more regularly. Not that anyone lands here, but it’s my diary.


5 thoughts on “End of Summer Blues

  1. Lucinda says:

    I know what you mean about a lost summer. This really has been one for me, too. We can only hope for better days to come. Try to have a nice time with your brother and stepdad, knowing that’s what your mother would want.

  2. Jud says:

    No sign of the end of summer here in Japan: one of the hottest for years, with no respite forecast until late October. Summer usually means a nice break from long commutes, stressful lectures and boring committee meetings, but this year I’ve been confined to the air-conditioned refuge of my study, spending far too much time in front of the computer screen — writing, editing, reading, sorting files, etc.

    I signed up with Facebook to keep in touch with a daughter living thousands of miles away, then closed my account when the first personal information leak scandal broke. I had to close it a second time when I discovered that Facebook was storing all user info in perpetuity and the only way to both unsubscribe and delete information was to click through a maze of small-print pages… and then not sign-on for at least two weeks, not even to check if the account had been closed.

    Don’t get discouraged by what appears to be lack of landings. Remember the one-in-ten rule: for every Web user who posts a message or comment, there are at least nine lurkers out there, reading, taking an interest, but afraid to come out of the shadows.

    Thanks to the heatwave, I’ve read ‘Love’s Alchemy’, ‘Mayan Secrets’, and ‘Steamside Chronicles’. The two Egyptian e-books are downloaded and waiting to be read. I’d love to know what got you interested in Isaac Newton, but only if you have time.

  3. ciarcullen says:

    Oh, you actually read something I wrote? I didn’t think such a creature existed! :o)

    Thanks for your post. I know, lurking…it has an odd ring to it, doesn’t it? I always associated lurking with old noir films. Ah, the Internet.

    I actually became fascinated with Isaac Newton when I saw a documentary about him, about his own peculiarities. I get fixated on certain people, places, etc., and found that I had to exorcize him from my brain by writing about him. I’m fascinated by those once-in-a-eon brilliant types.
    And I long to visit Japan.

  4. Heather Bennett says:

    Summer? There has been SUN?!? I am white as a cotton ball and you’d think I’d have gotten a little color from the radiation coming from my laptop.

    I live in SoCal and am thinking about fake bake. LOL! What’s wrong with this picture?!? hehe

    Although, this week has been so ugly with heat and humidity no one is outside. Next week it goes back down to 80’s. May have to schedule some sun time…..

    Decadent Publishing

  5. anny cook says:

    It’s been a lost summer for a lot of people for all sorts of reasons. Finished a couple books for the first time in over a year. Still have my daughter’s family living with me after a year that was supposed to be three months…

    My dear, I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful break. Blessings on you this day–and week!

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