A Time of Rapid Change

And at the risk of being so introspective that I may be considered narcissistic (but hey, it’s my blog and no one reads it), I’m flummoxed by the number and pace of changes in my life. My tastes, my priorities… They’re fast forwarded, as if I’m being controlled by the big remote in the sky, and it’s stuck on that one button that moves the DVD along quickly…
Of course, I know that I hold the remote. I think I’m catching up for near zombie like state I was in for a year. I, gentle reader, have been told three times that I am a hip hop phenom. Okay, I’ve been told I’m doing all right for my age. Meh, a little better than that. I hate my jazz class and have bailed on that. Yikes. Awful, awful stuff.

That is a superficial example of some odd things I’m doing right now. I am starting to tire of editing. Not because these books are bad, they aren’t. But because I feel the call of my own story.

Tonight I am working. Two tickets to the “So You Think You Can Dance” tour are sitting at the will-call booth in Trenton. I’m tired. And I don’t really care to go. I may not go to NY tomorrow to the same show at Radio City. I need time to adjust to this pace of change.


2 thoughts on “A Time of Rapid Change

  1. You only THINK no one reads your blog 🙂

    I’ve enjoyed editing but have put a lot of it aside in favor of my own writing as well.

  2. Janusz Buda says:

    Controlled by the big remote in the sky? If the name of the remote is VALIS, then you’re in august company. It changed Philip K. Dick’s life for the better.

    I do a lot of editing as a favour for colleagues writing academic papers, but I’d much rather be using the time to write my own. Why do I agree to help? I think we share the same can’t-say-no problem.

    As for no one reading your blog — what Maura said.

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