Here there be Meljean

Wow, I’m such a Meljean Brook fangirl. It’s a little embarrassing actually. She’s purty, and smart. And she sent me a copy of Iron Duke, which I devoured gnaw gnaw gnaw quickly. It’s as good as they say. Seriously. When you’re a fangirl (Michelle Pillow is my other fangirl crush — writerly, that is), it’s humbling to be asked to join in on that person’s blog. But next week, lil ol Ciar Cullen will be the October 18 guest du jour! Talking me some Steamside Chronicles! And I’m giving away books. So do stop over if you can…


One thought on “Here there be Meljean

  1. Ooo Ciar, awesome! I met Meljean at a mutual booksigning at our local Powell’s Books and she’s a sweetheart. We exchanged signed books! That was too cool. šŸ˜›

    I’ll have to pick up The Iron Duke and your Steamside Chronicles as well. I’m very interested in steampunk, but I wouldn’t know how to write one at ALL. DH and I used to play in a D&D world called Iron Kingdoms, which was a steampunk-esque role-playing world. VERY fun. And still, I have no idea how to write or where to even begin a steampunk romance.

    I’d love to write a western steam story, like that Will Smith movie, Wild Wild West, but much better. LOL


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