A tremendous photographer, a very funny guy, a generous warm man. I miss my Dad and his stories of traveling the world in the Navy. All the stories–those of horrors and those of warmth and kindness. To the greatest generation, and all those before and after, thanks.


One thought on “Dad

  1. Janusz Buda says:

    Seeing your photo and reading about the horrors (of war, I presume) reminded me of a similar photo and similar experiences. A year ago I posted some historical correspondence to one of my websites. A couple of the letters were from an American soldier who survived the Bataan Death March only to be imprisoned in Tokyo and forced to make propaganda radio broadcasts for the Japanese government. The letters I posted described how he narrowly escaped execution for slipping unscripted satirical asides into his broadcasts.

    Two weeks after posting these letters I received an email from his daughter. She had been amazed to see her father’s name on the Web and read his letters. In return, she sent me a photo of her father before his capture in the Philippines. It was remarkably like that of your father, though without the jaunty naval cap.

    We do, indeed, owe a debt to previous generations. November 11, 11:00 a.m. has slipped by and millions of people are unaware of the significance. All those millions of lives lost and now forgotten.

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