I Will Buy and Review Your Book!

Come on, you know you want to! I can find something to love about any title. And then, I can be kinda picky. What the heck, right? Nominate your book, and when I return from my mini-vacation in a few days, I’ll pick one title, buy it, review it, and blog about it. You in?

NB: I do not read horror (of the really squicky kind), erotica (sex as the plot), kink, or anything that degrades any race, creed, etc. (except as integral to the artistic stance of the character). YA, m/m, m/f romance, fantasy, scifi, mainstream, sports…gut!


11 thoughts on “I Will Buy and Review Your Book!

  1. Well, you could review any of my books if you’d like. My self-pubbed backlist title Stolen Love could use a read. It was originally published in 1991 and was OOP long before Amazon came along.

  2. Well hell, if you’re offering– I nominate my new Studs in Spurs series novel releasing Tuesday and discounted now on preorder at the Samhain site. It’s named Hooked and there’s a hot bullriding cowboy ( and no babies!) .

    Have fun on the mini vacation!

  3. ciarcullen says:

    Well cool, Cat and Jewel! Maybe if you’re the only takers I’ll get to both! Thanks for commenting!

  4. *stubbles a toe* you could review one of my King of the Marshmallows stories. Or heck, all of ’em.

  5. ciarcullen says:

    Lydia, you’re so freaking adorable I may have to just do that, no matter who else wins the draw! And did you know, I was (because I no longer practice) a second dan?

  6. Daisy Harris says:

    You could read my novella Lust After Death! It’s a zombie marriage of convenience story—but not scary at all! Much more quirky. Like Terminator crossed with Weird Science.

    It’s erotic romance, but on the light side of the scale. 🙂


  7. nell dixon says:

    You could always try my sweet romantic suspense – Dangerous to Know – set in the Lake District with a gorgeous wildlife photographer hero and a heroine who is trying to walk on the wild side.

  8. Annie Nicholas says:

    *gulp* I’m nominating my book Catch. It’s the second book of a series but can be read alone. The story’s based in Rio and is an erotic paranormal romance.

  9. Tammy Snyder says:

    The Chimney Still Stands by Tammy Snyder is an eBook on B&N and Amazon.

  10. I’m applying! I have 3 books: The Victor, Make a Wish and In Plain Sight.

  11. HeatherB says:

    I am dyig to read Cat Johnson’s books, actually. This just reminded me of that! Email me, Ciar, and LMK if I can social network this and get you some more entries!

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