Postapocalyptic knitting and Robert Downey Jr.

Wut? 2012? What the heck have I been doing since I was here last? Um, knitting a very Matrix-y sweater (okay, a few of them)–you know, the kind in this picture (sans rips). I’m even using a pattern and yarn from the company that did the originals, called Skif. It’s probably no coincidence that I’ve been working on a somewhat postapocalyptic/dystopian Young Adult book. Things in my brain tend to run in packs. It brought out my 90s industrial music CDs and memories of clubs in which I wore unspeakable amounts of black stuff. Can there ever be too much black? Oh, yeah.

In the midst of all this torn and shredded knitting and writing, I went to see Sherlock Holmes II. And that launched me into an intense period of Robert Downey Jr. obsession. Look, it’s Holmes, and it’s Downey. You can only have so much genius in one place without nearly imploding with happiness. I’m not a child of the 80s, so the whole brat pack/John Hughs thing is lost on me. But I’m not dead yet! I stumbled upon this old photo of the aforementioned Downey, and bang! there was my YA hero–a wizard named Jonah. Yeah, he needs scruffier hair and a less 80s look, and should be 18, but crickey…  Anyway… what was I saying? Phew. The whole Holmes thing reminded me that I have this WIP hybernating somewhere? Maybe in the closest with the summer clothes. It tells about a young woman in 1890 NY who fantasizes she’s the daughter of the great fictional detective. I miss that story, and now that I know exactly what Holmes looks like, how he sounds, how he’s really the beautiful RD (track marks and all), it’s time to get back to that story. Isn’t life a jumble of things? Or is it just my strange little brain?


3 thoughts on “Postapocalyptic knitting and Robert Downey Jr.

  1. Shelley says:

    Love it,Ciar! I’ve got the mind jumble too…. 🙂

  2. Thinking maybe I should be putting my order in for one of said sweaters…wish i could knit; home knitted sweaters are so much warmer, and softer! My mum is a wool genius. I had so many wonderful creations to sport when i was in school, and so did my children as toddlers. I guess I should pull my finger out and learn so I can force ‘name’ sweaters on my grand-kids (you know, when the time comes for that).
    Meanwhile, reckon I’ll put up my feet and watch this Holmes you keep going on about. yeah, not even seen the first one yet. And I am an 80s child so brat pack so NOT lost on me *sigh* hehe

  3. anny cook says:

    Yes, I have the mind-jumble, too. But I have more than a few wips in the closet and I’m slowly working through them. I figure around July I’ll have a couple to submit somewhere. In the meantime, I’m crocheting a heavy sweater for the winter we didn’t have this year!

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