The Fish Out of Water CONTEST!

Love–another swing and a miss? Not this time!


In celebration of my new novella Fish Out of Water, releasing July 17, I’m giving away some trinkets that represent my heroine, Caren, and my hero, Eric Fisher.

First up: those really cute earrings from the Margaritaville store in Key West, made locally. Had to buy a pair for myself.

Second: a $25 gift card to Now what would you do with that? Well, you could buy a t-shirt like this one, except in your favorite team’s logo. Or gift it to your favorite baseball fan (they’ll know how to spend it, trust me! Think early Christmas).

Finally, you’ll get a Samhain book of your choice, to $10.

How do I get these cute things, Ciar? you ask.

It’s so simple. Take a gander at the cover, and tell me what you find in the water that seems to not belong there… Don’t answer here on my blog, of course! Just pop your answer into an email and I’ll put you in the drawing! Stop back on 7/17 and see if you won!


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