Lillian Holmes and the Leaping Man and Why I’ve Not Been Here in a Long Time!

LillianHolmesHR It’s been so long…what are my excuses? Nothing to say, disillusioned with writing? Sure, yes. But mostly, I was grieving a few very awful losses. And who wants to hear about those? So I dragged my arse into work, did my best, and…once in a while, I wrote a little. And a little more. And then poured myself into this book, which has become the book of my heart (fellow authors will understand that phrase, for sure). This book is autobiographical, despite the fact that I’ve never met a vampire, wasn’t born in the 1800s, and well, a whole bunch of other things. But my family, my history, is there, on every page, in every character. I hope this is the start of regular writing. With an incredible editor–Chris Keeslar–I feel inspired again. So inspired. So tell me, what have you been doing this last year? I’ve missed you!


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