I Know What You Did This Summer REGAN WALKER and contest!

Regan's pic for Boroughs

I invited some friends to share a little about how their summer has been going, and what they’re up to. I hope you enjoy my chat with Regan Walker! LEAVE A COMMENT AND YOU’LL BE ENTERED TO WIN YOUR CHOICE OF A BOROUGHS LUNCHBOX ROMANCE STORY!

Ciar: What’s the best part of this summer so far and have you gone anywhere special or had a stay-cation?
Regan: In the category of moving is hell, I spent June preparing for and accomplishing a major downsize and move. Definitely not fun. However, I was committed to redeeming my time in July, so ensconced in my new digs, not far from the beach, I might add, I set nose to grindstone and finished (yes, finished!) the third in my trilogy, WIND RAVEN, an unusual Regency set in 1817 in Bermuda, the Caribbean and Baltimore with a British sea captain hero and an American heroine.
Ciar: That sounds like it’s right up my alley. And we both wrote something set in Baltimore! What’s your latest release and what are you working on?
Regain: Ok, so I told you what I’ve been working on, but my latest release is book 2 in the Agents of the Crown trilogy, AGAINST THE WIND, set in 1817 in the Midlands of England. The hero, Sir Martin Powell, is a spy for the Prince Regent and gets tangled up in a rebellion of the villagers in Derbyshire while falling in love with a dowager baroness. Very cool.
You can get it on Amazon and all those other online stores, along with the first one, RACING WITH THE WIND.
Ciar: What is your favorite place online to play? The first spot you go look at in the morning?
Regan: I’ve very pedestrian tastes. I go to Facebook and see what my “friends” have thrown up there. I’m a fan of all things Scottish and Irish so usually there’s something cool from them. An enthralling picture at least. (It’s the lack of the visual that has me limiting my time on Twitter.) And my fellow authors offer good posts, too. So I share a few and then proceed to my email. I’m on several loops. My own Regan’s Romance Reviews blog keeps me pretty busy, too. I’m sharing a picture of the new view from my writing room.
Summer view
Ciar: Now that I’m totally jealous… wow.

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3 thoughts on “I Know What You Did This Summer REGAN WALKER and contest!

  1. pmillhouse says:

    Great going on both your books, Ciar & Regan.
    And yes, I want that view. Well done!

  2. ciarcullen says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Paula! You are entered in the giveaway, too!

  3. reganwalker says:

    Ciar, thanks for having me on your blog! What a great idea to have us authors talking about our summers!

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